All the Pretty Places

The Retreat

In 2012, travel changed my life.  I was two years into my business, burnt out, exhausted and ready to quit until a trip to Paris gave me new inspiration to keep on going.  Now it's 10 years later and once again travel saved me.  I want you to experience this too.

My retreats are NOT like your typical wedding workshop.  There is no classroom time, special speakers, or huge full wedding styled shoots.

But what I do offer is a small group setting (only 4-6 attendees) for connecting, special experiences, secret tours, good food, luxury accommodations, gifts, small shoots to build your international portfolio and so many other surprises that await you...

My Friend,  You are in the right place. These retreats are just for you.

Longing for connections, pretty places, inspiration, building your international portfolio and rest?

My super power is bringing people together, hospitality and gifting.  Let me introduce you to my favorite pretty places in Europe.

And don't fear, we offer a low retainer fee to hold your spot with monthly payment plans.  It's an investment, but it's also a tax write-off too!



I would love for you to join me

How about a Paris Penthouse Apartment with a balcony view of the Eiffel Tower or a chateau or country estate home?  I spend the majority of our budget on our accommodations.  I promise, you will be very comfortable!

Luxury accommodations

You only have to get yourself to our main location.  We will have the rest all planned out for you!  This is a retreat and we take care of all the details!  We are even happy to help you plan your trip over!

All food, tours and transportation during the workshop.

Since this is not a "teaching" type of workshop (although you are free to pick my brain anytime) I want to offer you my online courses to help you in your business for absolutely free!  These alone are worth the price of the workshop!

Access to any of my current courses!

What's Included

I want on the list!!

Possible Future 2022 Retreats

Marrakesh, Morocco - Oct. 2022
Paris, France - Oct. 2022
Caulet, France - Oct. 2022

Luxury accommodations and experiences

$1500 retainer and the rest is divided into monthly payments

Beautiful shoots for your international portfolio

New friends and a chance to spend the week with me asking all the questions your heart desires

(enough said)

Oh and did I say shopping????

So let's do a little review...

My journey started in 2009.  I've traveled the world shooting wedding & teaching workshops, celebrity clients and being published worldwide in publications and blogs.  My life was full and then 2020 happened.  I realized that year and this year, that I'm so much more than my accomplishments and I'm still valuable even if I step down from weddings.

My new love finds me still traveling the world, but taking you with me.  My images are licensed and featured in major stores, magazines and books. I own a print and product shop, I'm a future author and podcaster. My mission is life to help you find YOUR success and not HER success.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”
– Ibn Battuta

This      for you if:

You need to be inspired in your life and business

If you are expecting sit down classroom time and photography lessons

You love exploring and meeting new people

You want a big full detailed styled wedding shoot

You are drama free, can be flexible if needed and you get along well with others

It's probably        for you if...

You don't like people



Is travel included in the price?

Yes and No.  Travel during the workshop is included but you are required to get yourself to and from our main location.  But don't fear.  We will help you out with this and you will be placed in a FB group with other attendees so you can maybe even travel together!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the payment plan work?

When you sign up, you are required to pay $1500 down to hold your place.  The rest will be divided up into monthly payments with the last payment being due 30 days before the workshop.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

How many attendees do you allow at your workshops? And will I have to share a room.

No refunds but transfers are available.  You can transfer what you have paid to another workshop or you can sell your spot.  If for some reason the workshop cannot be held, it will be rescheduled to another date.

I keep my groups less than 6 attendees. There is chance that you will have to share a room or sometimes, even a bed (but we try really hard for that not to happen).  You can request your own room but it will be an additional fee.